Twos Threes and Fours — TC Trivia


Triple Crown Trivia Challenge: Can you fill in the blanks in the next paragraphs?

In decades past, American Triple Crown winners in Thoroughbred racing came in bunches, two, three, or even four, per decade.

This decade, the trend has repeated itself, as (a)_____ became the second horse in four years to win the coveted Triple Crown, a feat now completed by just (b)_____ horses in the history of the Sport of Kings. American Pharoah turned the trick in (c)_____ .

But the greatest of them all, Secretariat, still holds the (d)_____ record for all three races of the Triple Crown. He accomplished that in (e)_____ . His Belmont Stakes was a (f)_____ length triumph.

Match these Triple Crown horses with their correct years of victory:
2018 ——————– Citation
1935 ——————– Omaha
1941 ——————– War Admiral
1943 ——————– American Pharoah
1973 ——————– Seattle Slew
1977 ——————– Affirmed
1930 ——————– Secretariat
1946 ——————– Whirlaway
1937 ——————– Assault
1948 ——————– Gallant Fox
2015 ——————– Count Fleet
1978 ——————– Justify

(A) — American Pharoah was named through a contest held for that purpose, and the name American Pharoah was accepted as misspelled.
(B) — The only father-son combination who both won the Triple Crown were War Admiral and Assault.


Blanks = (a)-Justify; (b)-12; (c)-2015; (d)-speed; (e)-1973; (f)-31

1930 ———- Gallant Fox
1935 ———- Omaha
1937 ———- War Admiral
1941 ———- Whirlaway
1943 ———- Count Fleet
1946 ———- Assault
1948 ———- Citation
1973 ———- Secretariat
1977 ———- Seattle Slew
1978 ———- Affirmed
2015 ———- American Pharoah
2018 ———- Justify

True or False = (A) — True; (B) — False; Gallant Fox and Omaha were the only father-son combination to each win the Triple Crown


Book Cover Photo from the personal book collection of Barbara Anne Helberg; Walter Farley’s 1952 edition of The Black Stallion’s Filly, Random House, Inc., New York, NY


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